Cool Bot- An Affordable Cooler for Flower Growers

When planning for the flower farm, three large costs come to mind: 1) a greenhouse; 2) a tractor; and, 3) a cooler.

Having a cooler is an important part of business planning because it allows flower growers to harvest their flowers at the peak time, and store them until market days.  For example, if your sunflowers are fully open on a Tuesday, and you won’t need them until Friday’s market, a cooler allows you to hold the sunflowers until you can sell them rather than having them start to wither outside.

I recently saw a classified ad for a used cooler for sale.  The listing was for a 12′ by 16′ cooler with two compressors.  The price….$4,500.

A peak in a flower cooler

A peak in a flower cooler

The good news is the folks at Cool Bot have figured out a system for small scale flower growers to build their own flower cooler using a standard window air conditioning unit.

CoolBot uses new (2006 patent pending) technology to replace the brute force approach of fans and surface area with a micro-controller “brain” that intelligently interfaces with your air conditioner – controlling and co-ordinating its output so that you can access nearly all your cooling power, even as you keep temperatures in your walk-in cooler (or any highly insulated room) in the 30’s without re-wiring and without any freeze-ups.

The Cool Bot control unit sells for about $300, pair that up with a 18,000 BTU air conditioner from your favorite big box store for another $400.  With purchased materials and added insulation, you can turn an 8′ by 12′ space into a more economical flower cooler.

Need more reasons to see why the Cool Bot is a great deal?

-New Energy Star A/C units will have significantly lower operating costs than an industrial cooler

-Energy Star A/C units do not use the same industrial coolant chemicals as industrial compressors

2 responses to “Cool Bot- An Affordable Cooler for Flower Growers

  1. Kimberly Minges

    My question is, an a/c unit removed the humidity from the air, but flowers need the humidity. Does the CoolBot system keep the a/c from removing the humidity. Also, flowers put off an Ethylene Gas that reduces the life of
    the flower. You need a filter system to help remove the gases. Can you connect a filter system to the CoolBot/A/C system? I’m thinking about purchasing the CoolBot for my flower business and I was hoping to get some
    answers to my questions. Thanks so much.

  2. Hi Kimberly,

    At the conference I attended, they explained that because coolbot doesn’t use the large fan system of a conventional cooler, your flowers will not dry out.

    I am not familiar with the ethylene gas filter. Some growers mentioned that they used ethylene gas blockers, and others said they did not.

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