Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers

On July 28, I attended the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting.

The ASCFG was formed twenty years ago to “unite and inform growers in the production and marketing of field and specialty floral crops.”

I met a terrific group of friendly and helpful flower growers who have been at this business for anywhere from 1-20 years.

Bob Wollam, from Wollam Gardens, spoke about his past 15 years of experience in the cut flower business. Bob’s talk was inspirational because the message I took away was, “do this only if you love it.”

Dave Dowling, President of the ASCFG and owner of Farmhouse Flowers, also gave a practical talk about building a cooler for your farm using an LG window air conditioning unit. (I plan to put an entry up about it this week).

But hands down, the best part of the tour was visiting Mel Heath’s Bridge Farm Nursery. Mel’s picture perfect farm consisted of 28 acres with about 6 acres in production.


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