More on Fertilizers for Organic Flowers

I got a question on the blog yesterday…Can Miracle Gro be used for Organic Gardening?

After some research, I found this article, Miracle Gro’s Pissy Little Secret. And here is an excerpt from Planet Natural on the difference between synthetic (Miracle Gro) and organic fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers, unlike many chemical fertilizers, continually build the soil and promote better structure as well as nourish soil life.

The growth or yield attained by using either chemical or organic fertilizers is about the same. However, in the long run, many organic fertilizers are much more productive than chemical ones because they improve soil structure and increase the soil’s ability to hold moisture and nutrients. The chemical fertilizers do not build soil and can build up to toxic proportions after continued use. Organic fertilizers on the other hand, continually build the soil, promote better structure, and foster soil organism growth. The addition of organic fertilizers over a long period enhances the soil life, another plus for the great majority of garden plants.

So what’s the lesson here? If you don’t want to scare the bajesus out of your friends and with your freak sized garden, Just use organic fertilizers for happy flowers. Here are some suggested by Planet Natural.

Disclaimer: No, baby with giant cuke is not the famous nephew Gavin. And, no the guy with giant elephant ear is not one of my uncles. These two beauties were found on Flickr’s Creative Commons search.


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